“Powell Consulting Group’s expert help was instrumental in guiding my leaders through a challenging transition period. Their mastery in facilitating groups is superior to any consultants’ I’ve ever experienced.”

Mission Statement

Operating under our parent name of Powell & Reese Inc., the Powell Consulting Group (PCG) has provided cutting-edge organizational development, systems engineering and training services to corporations, federal, state and local government agencies, non-profit organizations, and professional associations for over two decades. Our clients value our ability to help them focus on real issues, generate options, implement the right strategies, and continuously monitor the pulse of change. They value our candor and ability to quickly get them to the heart of their business issues and appreciate our commitment to communicate openly and honestly about the things that matter. Learn more…

PCG Approach

Our approach to organization development is crafted to help you get to the root causes of organizational issues in order to generate solutions that are sustainable yet pliable enough to adjust to the pressures from internal and external forces. This systematic way of addressing organizational concerns has four (4) discreet stages—Assessment, Planning, Intervention and Evaluation.


The actual assessment begins before we arrive. At some point, the voice of your processes will alert you to issues that cause you some concern. Rather than ignoring these issues in hopes that they will right themselves on their own, you may choose to engage our services. We will meet with you to dig deeper into your concerns and tease out the tentacles related to those concerns. Then, we launch our efforts to gain a richer understanding by collecting data that will help us get a picture of the root causes and impacts of the forces producing the issues of concern. These data can be collected through a number of channels including focus group interviews, individual interviews, surveys, observation, review of performance data, or action research. Afterwards, we use a systems approach to analyze these data to uncover themes and trends that are inherent in your culture and processes. When appropriate we prepare a comprehensive written summary of our findings. We will maintain close contact with you throughout the assessment process and alert you toward any situation we believe to require your immediate attention.


While the assessment is designed to increase your sensory and analytical awareness, the planning stage is designed to mobilize energy to address compelling concerns. Our first step in the planning process is a thorough review of the data and findings with you. This is done to allow you to reach conclusions on your own and compare them with conclusions that we have drawn. We will help identify the critical change questions, develop strategies for resolving them and the metrics that will let you know where things stand. Because we believe so strongly that people giving the information should be privy to the findings, we will join you in presenting the data to them in an appropriate forum. Most importantly, this planning stage allows us to join in shaping a tactical plan for interventions that provide a path forward toward building the relationships, processes, and mental models that get you to your strategic objectives. These interventions may or may not involve further engagements with us. Potentially our interventions could include the following interventions: teambuilding sessions, meeting facilitation, strategic planning, leadership development, executive coaching, conflict resolution, leveraging diversity training, climate assessments, customer service training, project management training and certification preparation, personal development, career planning, retirement planning, decision-making, or managing emotional intelligence.


Once you have determined to engage us in your tactical plan for moving forward, we will mobilize our energy, talent and skill to provide services that meet the highest standards conduct, professionalism and competence. In all of our efforts, we will be dedicated to the highest levels of ethics, integrity and excellence. We will communicate openly and honestly and will not be afraid to confront the tough issues or directly deliver the truth. Our ability to think creatively and innovatively will be the soul of excellence. Since we believe that people are your organization’s most valuable asset, we will honor, respect, value their being in all of our interactions.


We’re not in the business of creating “feel good sessions”. While we want our clients to feel good about their engagement with us, we are more concerned that feeling good is a product of a consultancy that achieves specific objectives not just warm and fuzzy meetings. Accordingly, we want to build in the opportunity to gather data to juxtapose against the established metrics as a way of measuring change. If the data indicates, that the desired change isn’t occurring, we will help you determine why and will help you adjust the tactical strategy to continue moving forward. When we have determined that your objectives have been met, we will take great pride in withdrawing from your organization believing that we have served you well.