“The Powell Consulting Group is vigilant about keeping stakeholders engaged in the change process, building consensus and constructing processes that lead to rich outcomes.”

Human Organization and Development

All successful organizations have one thing in common—people act as owners of the business or enterprise. However, the interface of the people with your technical, structural, and mechanical systems can create a host of complex challenges that rob the entrepreneurial spirit from your most valuable resources. Combined with the multitude of challenges of people dealing with people, your organization can slip into unconscious processes that can sabotage your effectiveness and impair your ability to deliver the quality of results you seek. As your partner we will help you confront these challenges so that you will be able to optimize the effectiveness of the individuals and teams at every level.

Specific Human & Organizational Development Offerings

Organizational Assessments
Strategic Planning
Enterprise Risk Management
Managing Change
Creating High Performing Teams
Performance Management
Executive Coaching