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Engineering Services

PCG provides fully managed engineering execution services. We use digital engineering methodologies to design, develop, deliver, operate, and sustain systems of interest for government organizations. We focus on an integrated digital approach that uses authoritative sources of system data and models as a continuum across disciplines to support lifecycle activities from concept through disposal. We specialize in:

Digital Technologies

We’re harnessing the power of AI, machine learning, and data science to deliver software solutions and predictive insights that keep you one step ahead of emerging threats. We specialize in:

Human Capital Management

Our Human Capital Management solutions help you develop workforce strategies that are integrated into your organization’s planning and management processes, remain current with research and best practices, allow for proactive responses to anticipated environmental changes, and seek to continuously maximize the efficiency and effectiveness of all of your human resources. 

We specialize in:

Training Services

Our training solutions support your organization in implanting the knowledge, skills, and attitudes that your people need to be successful. In our training courses, we engage participants with experiential activities that are meaningful, provocative and engaging. Our programs are designed to allow learners to explore the theoretical as well as practical application of relevant concepts. We apply the principles of adult learning so that lessons are easily understood and transferable. Our programs include some of the following activities:

We specialize in:

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